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Stellar Real

Vintage Fashion Carved Belt

Vintage Fashion Carved Belt

Giá thông thường $26.93 USD
Giá thông thường $37.90 USD Giá bán $26.93 USD
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Vintage fashion carved belt


Main material: two-layer cowhide
Style: all-match
Style: belt
Body element: light body
Popular elements: glossy
Buckle material: alloy
Belt buckle style: pin buckle
Length: single turn
Material technology: smooth
Width: 2.3cm

A: black
B: Twin tower black
C: Oval retro black
D: Hollow gold buckle black
E: Square buckle silver buckle black
F: round head gold buckle

Weight(g): C-105cm:280; C-100cm:270; A-110cm:290; D-95cm:260; A-90cm:250; F-110cm:290; B-95cm:260; C-90cm:250; D-100cm:270; B-90cm:250; D-110cm:290; A-105cm:280; B-110cm:290; D-105cm:280; F-100cm:270; E-95cm:260; C-110cm:290; B-100cm:270; C-95cm:260; B-105cm:280; F-95cm:260; F-105cm:280; E-110cm:290; A-95cm:260; D-90cm:250; E-100cm:270; F-90cm:250; E-90cm:250; E-105cm:280; A-100cm:270.

Package Weight(g): C-105cm:300; C-100cm:290; A-110cm:310; D-95cm:280; A-90cm:270; F-110cm:310; B-95cm:280; C-90cm:270; D-100cm:290; B-90cm:270; D-110cm:310; A-105cm:300; B-110cm:310; D-105cm:300; F-100cm:290; E-95cm:280; C-110cm:310; B-100cm:290; C-95cm:280; B-105cm:300; F-95cm:280; F-105cm:300; E-110cm:310; A-95cm:280; D-90cm:270; E-100cm:290; F-90cm:270; E-90cm:270; E-105cm:300; A-100cm:290.

Package Size(mm): 350*400 *50.

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